As a New Fund, What Insurance do I Need?

A firm should consider a number of factors when deciding what insurance to purchase.  These factors generally revolve around the point of the entity’s lifecycle it is in, legal requirements and finally, contractual requirements.

What Limits Should my Firm Purchase?

Benchmarking is a common way firms decide how much insurance they should carry.  However, when it comes to specialty insurance, it is a poor way to decide a firm’s risk transfer strategies.  The limit, deductible and type of ancillary coverages should not be decided by the firm down the street.  Instead, we recommend a holistic approach that assesses the financial and operational capacity of your firm to absorb a loss and to determine the expected loss scenario.  From there, the proper limits and coverage terms can be purchased.  We can provide benchmarking statistics for educational purposes, but stay away from them as decision making vehicles.

Why for my Insurance?

Financial insurance from financial experts.  We are not generalist insurance brokers – we specialize in the complex insurance your firm needs.  We are an independent brokerage.

What Should I Expect After I Contact you for Insurance?

While the procurement of insurance may appear unwieldly, we break down the process into steps that make it easy and manageable.

Initial Assessment.  We will discuss the general needs of your firm, gathering basic details and direction the firm should take.  Additional analysis may be required at future meetings

Obtain Underwriting Documents.  Applications, the fund’s PPM,  financials and bios may be required depending on the type of insurance requested.  It may also prove helpful to have a call with the underwriters to discuss more confidential internal controls and operations.  We will coordinate all information to the underwriters to streamline the process.

Presentation of Quotes.  Once the insurance companies provide options to consider, we will present the options that align with the goals and targets we discovered during the initial assessment phase.

Bind Coverage.  Once the insurance options have been confirmed, we will bind the policies on behalf of the fund.

What Insurance Companies does Represent?

We are an independent brokerage, and as such we do not represent any insurance company.  We represent you.  We have access to all major US markets, London markets, and Bermuda markets.  Being independent allows us to offer a full range of options for your fund to consider and we will not steer towards any one carrier because we have an undisclosed contract.  Our interests are aligned with you.

Our Funds and their Strategies are Confidential, Who Else Will See my Information?

As a boutique insurance brokerage, we are able to act with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.  All information obtained about your firm will kept exclusive to the broker you work with and the managing principal assigned with with oversight of the account.  No other broker has access to your files, and unlike other brokerage houses, we do not have ownership in a consulting practice where your information will be aggregated and sold.  Your information will be kept secure.