New Fund, Limited Funds

A new midwestern fund was starting out and looking to keep overhead low. Working with the CoverFunds brokers they structured a low cost insurance program that will grow with the firm. Hedge fund managers, more than most other businesses, understand the concept of risk and return. Looking at your insurance program through this lens allows a fund to decide what risks to retain, what risks to avoid and what risks to transfer.

Established Fund, Penalized for Peers

A smaller west coast fund had a thirty year track record of impeccable controls but found their insurance premiums rising while their terms were being restricted. By appointing the CoverFunds team as their broker of record they worked to better present their risk (and lack thereof) to insurance company underwriters and found themselves facing renewal options with significant premium reductions for the first time in years.

Winding Down, Worried About Liabilities

After a solid ten year run the partners of a mid sized fund decided to move towards liquidating the funds. After looking at the insurance options to close out unreported liabilities the board of directors determined it was most cost effective to stay open a year longer then they had hoped. By engaging the Coverfund brokers earlier they could have better planned for the costs of potentially winding down.